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Won't start

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I just got a call from my brother up north. Our Grizzly's have been sitting outside covered up for about 6 weeks. He went to start them and neither will fire. He's checked the kill switch. Both have full tanks of gas and they turn over fine.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Did you take the plug out and check to see if you had fire?
What do you mean Ice? Turning the engine to see if there's spark? Both machines won't start. I'm thinking frozen gas lines.

Thanks for the reply.
Orange Whip,

Sounds to me like frozen gas lines. This happened once with my Honda and I had to de-thaw using a kerosene torpedo heater in my garage. Took a little while but the Honda finally started.
Thats what I'm thinking Blue.. My brothers going to tow one over to the neibors garage and warm it up. I'll keep you all advised as to what happens just in case someone else has the same problem.

Thanks for the replys!
If it is a frozen gas line make sure to put some isopropo de-icer in the tank, follow the directions on the bottle, that will also unthaw frozen gas lines. I would also pull the plug and check for spark. If the plug is all wet with fuel it could just be flooded, if its dry, well?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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