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Yamaha CV boot covers

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Well I just picked up my CV boot covers from my Yamaha dealer(2sets 8 total) and these things look to be made very tough(Kevlar). JPGrizzly posted about these boot covers and I am so glad he did. I agree with him, these boot covers will be very hard to puncture thru. I don't think a torn/ripped CV boot will be an issue for me any longer.

Thanks JPGrizzly.
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How do they installed, what do you use?

Man, these things wrap around the boot, vel-cro together, and then you tie them with the plastic ties that are supplied with them. and they will not come off, I know from experience.
Do you have ref number for these, are they Yamaha??
Yamaha sells them $65.00 set of 4. Part number is ABA-2HR95-00-00

You get two inside covers and two outside covers for the boots. Kevlar stops bullets, so I am sure it will stop sticks and any debris from tearing a rubber boot! LOL

Thanks again JPGrizzly!
Hi Blue Grizzly,

When you say two inside and 2 outside covers, Do I understand correctly that these fit the front only? Is that all that is needed?
The Beast,

The covers come in a set of 4 total and you can either mount them in front or rear. I bought two sets and put them front and rear on all 8 boots. The first time I put them on, I didn't take off the wheels and they weren't installed just right. So I ended up taking off the wheels and re-doing them and now they are on there perfect. These covers are made really well and it's some real strong material. Good investment I think.
My boot gaurds are held on with U bolts and nuts. VERY durable and the gaurds extend underneath and up to the A-arm's. They are aftermarket ones though and not the yamaha ones...

Here is a photo of them

I wasn't talking about "boot guards" or what some call A-arm protectors. What I was discribing was "boot covers" LOL These things are made of Kevlar material and wrap around the boot with zip ties and velcro. You can check them out on the Yamaha website under Grizzly accessories.
LOL!! ok, now I feel stupid! Those look really neat!!! I wonder if they trap mud, sand, and debris behind there and actually cause it to rub against the rubber? I might have to get a set and try them out!!

Ummm...wonder if I could find a set on Ebay!

do you have a set of these blue_grizzly? Also, have you heard anything from your buddy on the position up there?
Hey Blue Grizzly,

I have ordered one set (4 only) what would you reccomend I do, put all 4 on all 4 wheels lower boots (next to wheel)? or all 4 in front only?

I may order another set, it's just they are not available in South Africa and have to be imported. Here in SA, they sell +/- 180 Grizzly 660's per year, and according to Yamaha, I am the only one to have ever ordered an accessory!!

Also the cost works out at 80% more than in the USA!

I would appreciate your advise Please
Marine, you are funny! Yes I did buy two sets for my Grizzly. The covers haven't let in any crap yet, there are two zip ties on each end and really strong velcro running along the length. The instructions do recomend removing them occassionaly to clean thouroughly, if I remember correctly. I already had them on and off twice now, and removing them is easy, just cut the zip ties then undo the velcro. I did have to go buy some new black zip ties (2 sizes) but no big deal or cost involved. So far I only put 150 miles on with them and they are holding up really well, time will tell. The way I look at it is, the price for all 8 covers was $130.00 and the price of one new CV is triple that and then some. I looked on Ebay when I wanted to buy but they never had any so Yamaha was my only choice.

I talked with my buddy from Pratt&Whitney and he did say that after the 1st. of the year they start advertizing for employment. So I will keep you posted when he gives me a heads up.

You could mount 4 on each "outer" boot front and rear I suppose. I thought of that myself but then decided it would be just my **** luck that I rip an inner boot like my buddy did with his Rincon. I also gave it much thought on mounting them in the front only but then that left the rear unprotected. So I ended up just ordering two sets and now all boots are covered.

There must be a way you could buy Yamaha accessories here in the USA and have them mail the items to you there. I would try and contact Yamaha USA and ask them if they can help you.
Thanks Blue Grizzly,

The problem with purchasing from the USA is they all seem to use PAYPAL and PAYPAL does not operate in africa.

The current Rand/Dollar exchange rate is R5-80 to $1-00. Yamaha South Africa use a R12-00 to $1-00 rate. They demand cash upfront, and take 10-12 weeks to deliver!!

I will go for your advice and "bite the bullet" and double my order

Thanks for the advice!!
The Beast, blue_grizzly has some good advise. He suggested that I get the T-5's instead of the T-6's and I am SOOO glad that I changed my order and got the T-5's!!! As they are stronger and have an AWESOME rock crusher rim

Do you know anyone here in the States that you could trust enough and send money to and have them purchase and mail them for you? That may work out better for you, I dont know for sure, but it could work. As just to how you would be able to change your currency to ours is beyond me.
Hi Marine & Blue Grizzly,

I do trust the advice given by Blue Grizzly, It makes perfect sense.
I just came from the dealer now and paid him for another set, so when they arrive I will have 8 covers and I will cover them all!!
(works out at US$209.00)

I have relatives in Irvine CA, When I tried to buy a flag for my Grizz from www.abwatsatvaccessories.com , A really nice black square flag with a white Yamaha logo on it, it came to $16.20 with postage to SA, and I got my relatives to pay for it. I just don't want to take advantage for larger amounts!!

Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated!!
Sorry, this is what the flag looks like
Hi Blue Grizzly,

The Kevlar CV boot covers arrived and I installed them, the first set of 4, I fitted to the back, no problem!!

When it came to the front, I do have a problem!!!!!

The lower/outer covers that fit to the boots on the "wheelside" come loose when I drive.

How did you fix this problem?
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